NORTH CANTON, Ohio — April 11, 2019 — Squirrels Research Labs (SQRL) today announced the appointment of Michael Prendamano as COO and David Jimenez as CTO.

“Bringing Michael on gives us an advantage in the datacenter space,” SQRL president David Stanfill said. “He brings experience in managing large-scale, multi-site operations in a number of industries, including blockchain.”

Prendamano, formerly of Core Scientific, a leader in artificial intelligence and high-performance-computing datacenters led by former Microsoft COO Kevin Turner, joins the SQRL team to bolster and expand business development. Before his time at Core Scientific, he acted as COO at Matrix Mining, a GPU-based cryptocurrency mining operation.

Michael is also driven in his philanthropic efforts and has held many board and advisory positions for causes such as Alzheimer’s, Mental Health and Economic Development. In 2009 he was awarded the 20 Under 40 Business Leadership Award by the Staten Island Economic Development Board.

New CTO David Jimenez brings deep connections to international manufacturers and will help streamline global supply chains, Stanfill continued.

Jimenez’s 25 year tenure as the owner of a global technology repair and consulting business allowed him to build relationships with specialized manufacturers and distributors around the world.

Stanfill said Jimenez’s knowledge of supply chain logistics and his existing relationships with global manufacturers allow quick prototyping and production—an invaluable asset for driving change in the fast-paced blockchain and high-performance-computing industries.

The company is also strategically hiring veteran cryptocurrency and blockchain developers to continue solidifying its place as a leader in blockchain and high performance computing.